In the Wake of the Assassins is a website expanding on the 87 minute documentary film of the same title, co-produced by One State Films and the Foundation for New Media. The story of John Patterson, the film's main character, centers around the crime-ridden town of Phenix City, Alabama and his term as Alabama's governor during an era when the race issue dominated Southern politics at every level. A tough minded combat veteran of World War II, Patterson sought revenge for the killing of his father Albert Patterson, elected state attorney general in 1954 on a platform of cleaning up the Phenix City mob. Patterson assumed his father's place as attorney general, focussed on the cleanup of crime in Phenix City and elsewhere in the state, then took a tough stand on the race issue in order to become governor. He was an early supporter of John F. Kennedy for president only to clash with the Kennedy white house in 1961 over Alabama's tragic involvement in the abortive Bay of Pigs invasion and the outbreak of Klan violence when Freedom Riders were viciously attacked in Anniston, Birmingham and Montgomery.